How do I get Unus sed leo?

How to buy UNUS SED LEO

  1. Download Coinbase Wallet.
  2. Choose a Coinbase Wallet username.
  3. Securely store your recovery phrase.
  4. Understand and plan for Ethereum network fees.
  5. Buy and transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet.
  6. Use your ETH to buy UNUS SED LEO in the trade tab.

Do Mark and Ethan still talk after Unus Annus?

While it is the end of our working relationship, we are still friends and I’m not going anywhere. I’m still gonna be making things, just in a different place and when I know where I’ll be sure to let y’all know. Mark and Ethen went on to create Unus Annus in late 2019.

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