How high will Waves crypto go?

What is Wave token?

Waves is a versatile blockchain protocol that enables developers to build DApps and smart contracts. It also allows individuals to create a custom token that can be traded on DEX’s decentralised exchange. WAVES is the native token of the platform with an infinite supply.

What is an anchor protocol?

Anchor is a decentralized savings protocol offering low-volatile yields on Terra stablecoin deposits. The Anchor protocol defines a money market between a lender, looking to earn stable yields on their stablecoins, and a borrower, looking to borrow stablecoins on stakeable assets.

Will XYO go up?

The XYO price predictions are quite bullish! It is expected to cross the $1.00 mark in 2030. The average value of the coin might be $1.08, with a maximum value of $1.23. Based on the current market cap and trading volume, XYO will have a minimum future price of $1.00 by 2030.

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