Is Audius coin a good investment?

Yes, you should invest in Audius, if your risk tolerance allows investing in crypto. Besides having a great idea that may revolutionize the music industry behind it, Audius also has some very attractive prognoses by the crypto experts: some AUDIO price predictions for 2025 expect it to break, $10 easily by that time.

What is Audius crypto?

Audius is an artist-controlled and community-owned music streaming platform, aiming to enable any user to freely distribute, monetize and stream audio.

Is Audius a NFT?

When you play a song on major streaming platforms, money doesn’t just zoom straight into an artist’s pocket. But what if it did? That’s how payments are designed to work on Audius, a platform built on a blockchain — yes, the same technological network that NFTs run on.

How do I get Audius?

How to buy Audius

  1. Open an account on an exchange that supports AUDIO. Jump to our table to compare popular options — just remember that most exchanges require an email address, phone number and proof of ID to register.
  2. Deposit funds into your account.
  3. Buy Audius.

Will Audius go up?

Yes. The Audius price can go up from 2.463 USD to 4.424 USD in one year.

How much is Audius $Audio worth?

AUDIO Price Statistics

Audius Price $2.37
Trading Volume24h $43,246,539.53 30.39%
Volume / Market Cap 0.03573
Market Dominance 0.05%
Market Rank #94

Is Audius built on ethereum?

Unlike Spotify or SoundCloud, which are not blockchain-based, Audius is built on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains and is run by a community of token holders, rather than one centralized entity. To become a token holder, users can either buy AUDIO, the native governance token of Audius, or earn it.

Who uses Audius?

There are just over 100,000 artists on Audius, including relatively well-known names like Skrillex, Weezer, deadmau5, Russ, Mike Shinoda, Diplo, Madeintyo, Odesza, Disclosure, Alina Baraz, and Wuki. Generally, artists start with one or two tracks and later expand as they get positive feedback from fans on the platform.

Is Audius on Coinbase?

Audius is not supported by Coinbase.

Is Audius built on Solana?

Audius is the latest project to move over to Solana and has been growing rapidly, now with over 1 million monthly listeners. However, as their active users have increased, so have the gas fees and load times. Solana was selected after the Audius team reviewed and tested over 20 layer 1 and layer 2 scaling solutions.

How do artists get paid on Audius?

90% of the platform’s revenues will go directly to the artists who will be paid according to the streams they have accumulated over time. He is one of the 10,000 artists who have received tokens from Audius for being veterans of the platform and having uploaded their music before the launch of the cryptocurrency.

Is Audius an erc20?

Audius is governed on the world’s second-largest blockchain, Ethereum. It uses an ERC-20 token, AUDIO, for governance and as a security mechanism.

Where can I buy Audius in the US?

You can buy Audius on

How much is enjin coin?

ENJ Price Statistics

Enjin Coin Price $3.59
24h Low / 24h High $3.49 / $3.73
Trading Volume24h $395,599,388.99 4.79%
Volume / Market Cap 0.1314
Market Dominance 0.11%

Why is Audius good?

It allows listeners to stream and distribute music using blockchain technology. It also allows listeners to directly pay creators. The music industry is among the largest in the world, accounting for billions of dollars a year. Audius is looking to capitalize on this and introduce crypto technology into the industry.

How many users are on Audius?

Six Million Audius, a blockchain native music streaming platform, hit six million monthly active users in August and announced a partnership with TikTok.

Is Audius legal?

How does Audius handle piracy and unauthorized uploading of copyrighted material? Per our terms of service, you can only upload content to Audius that you own the rights to. However, our company cannot decide to remove your content, only you or the community can via our arbitration system, which is coming soon.

What is serum Cryptocurrency?

Serum is a decentralized exchange software built on Solana where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold by traders. Central to Serum’s design is a decentralized orderbook run by smart contracts that aims to mirror traditional exchanges by matching buyers and sellers.

Is Audius on Solana or Ethereum?

“Building on the success the Audius collectibles tab has had in the Ethereum community, Solana support connects the Solana NFT ecosystem with the over six million monthly users of Audius,” he said.

How much does an Audius stream cost?

The benefit of a blockchain is fewer FEES therefore musicians keep more of their money. You’re probably wondering “Ok, how much more money would a musician get on Audius?” Just a ballpark figure a musician would get around $0.35 cents per stream.

Who founded Audius?

Roneil Rumberg We sit down with Roneil Rumberg, the cofounder and CEO of Audius — the decentralized music platform which currently is likely the widest-adopted Web3 project in existence with over 6m active users.

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