Is Waves crypto legit?

How legit is wave exchange?

Reliability. Thus far the WavesDEX has proven itself to be a reliable exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. Traders funds are considered to be safer than on regular cryptocurrency exchanges because the funds are held in personal cryptocurrency wallets, rather than on a centralized exchange database.

What is Wave exchange?

The Waves Exchange (formerly Waves DEX) is a fast and secure decentralized trading environment for Waves-based assets and other supported cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). This includes a range of Neutrino-powered fiat stablecoins, such as EUR Neutrino (EURN) and GBP Neutrino (GBPN).

Is it worth investing in Waves?

Is Waves crypto a good investment? Waves can be a profitable investment option. Waves price equals $30 currently, but investors must do prior due diligence before harvesting rewards on Waves. The price prediction for Waves is that it would rise to $55.

How do you stake Waves on Waves exchange?

Exchange mobile app, login to your account and select Investment screen. Tap WAVES Staking. In the WAVES Staking tab tap Stake WAVES. On the selection screen you can specify the Recipient address of a generating pool and the Amount of WAVES you are willing to stake.

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