What are wrapped CryptoKitties?

Unwanted, non-fungible, illiquid CryptoKitties can be traded for fungible WCK tokens (Wrapped CryptoKitties). These tokens are backed by the underlying Kitties and each token can be redeemed for any of the Kitties in the pool that backs the token.

What are wrapped Gen 0 Kitties?

Wrapped Gen 0 (WG0) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 by an ERC721 Generation 0 CryptoKitty.

What is wrapping an NFT?

Wrapping Tokens for Currency Allowing you to store NFTs in a wallet, exchangeable in multiples. It also allows for base liquidity to be established in exchange for other tokens, such as WCK/ETH on the Uniswap exchange.

What are Gen 0 CryptoKitties worth?

WG0 Price Statistics

Wrapped Gen-0 CryptoKitties Price $442.62
Price Change24h $4.60 1.05%
24h Low / 24h High $428.90 / $443.48
Trading Volume24h No Data
Volume / Market Cap No Data

How do crypto kitties work?

Cryptokitties uses the Genetic Algorithm to create a new kitty. It uses the crossover mechanism to “sire” a child genome using two parent kitties. This child genome is used to generate a new kitty.

How many CryptoKitties are there?

How many CryptoKitties exist in total? There will never be more than 50,000 Gen 0 Kitties, but there is no limit to the number of other Kitties that can be bred.

What is the difference between wrapped Bitcoin and Bitcoin?

A wrapped cryptocurrency is a tokenized version of a crypto asset, backed by the original coin. Wrapped Bitcoin is a tokenized representation of Bitcoin held in reserve. WBTC is designed to be used on Ethereum-based platforms, making Bitcoin work with the Ethereum ecosystem.

What are the rarest CryptoKitties?

Genesis is the rarest CryptoKitty of all time because it is the very first CryptoKitty and the only one of its kind in existence. Of the first 100 Founder CryptoKitties, Genesis is entirely unique and has a cute design featuring a diamond on its belly and forehead.

How do I make a CryptoKitty?

Well, just like real-life kittens, CryptoKitties can breed with each other to make new CryptoKitties! The easiest way to breed is if you own both a Sire (male) and a Dame (female). However, if you only have one of those, you can find someone else to help you!

How do you get Gen zero CryptoKitty?

The grand prize winner of the Contest will receive one (1) “Draco the Magnificent” Exclusive CryptoKitty, and each of the three (3) runner-up winners will receive one (1) Generation 0 CryptoKitty (the “Prizes”).

Is CryptoKitties an NFT?

The first NFT that created a buzz among cryptocurrency enthusiasts was Cryptokitties, a game released in 2017 by Canadian developer Dapper Labs that allows players to buy, collect and breed unique digital cats on the blockchain for fun.

How do I sell my crypto cats?

Begin by selecting the CryptoKitty you want to sell in your litter. Click the Sell Kitty button and start filling out the sale information. You will need to choose a start price, end price, and duration for the sale. The longer your CryptoKitty stays on the market, the more the price drops to meet your end price.

What happened to CryptoKitties?

On March 20, 2018, it was announced that CryptoKitties would be spun off into its own company, Dapper Labs, and raised $12 million from several top venture capital firms and angel investors.

Are CryptoKitties still popular?

Launched in 2017, CryptoKitties are now being sold for millions, but the average price is about £175.

How do I buy NFT’s?

To buy NFTs, you must have a cryptocurrency and seek out a purchase through an investment marketplace. 3 Steps To Invest In NFTs

  1. Research Available NFTs.
  2. Select A Brokerage Or Exchange To Purchase Crypto.
  3. Select A Marketplace To Purchase Your NFT.

What is CryptoKitty adoption?

Adopt-A-CryptoKitty is a site started by 11-year old Evan Messer to adopt “bitcoin cats” that live in the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. They have become a trading sensation in the crypto world, and these kitties are “mated” or “born” every few minutes.

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