What is a DxSale?

DxSale, short for Decentralized Sale, is looking to re-imagine the 131 billion dollar venture capital ecosystem through the use of blockchain and community governance.

Can you get scammed on DxSale?

ReportScamOnline now considers DxSale Network to be operating an online scam. We recommend that our readers not trade with this broker and if you have an open account with this company, we suggest you try to withdraw your funds as soon as possible.

What is DxSale Crypto?

DxSale vision is to build a blockchain agnostic token management platform resulting in lower barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency market for entrepeneurs.

What is the token name for DxSale network?

DxSale Network: SALE Token | 0xF063fE1aB7a291c5d06a86e14730b00BF24cB589.

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