What is Akropolis Delphi?

Can you stake Akropolis?

To Stake AKRO you can visit the Akropolis Staking APP. You will need a metamask wallet, some AKRO, and ETH to cover gas fees. There are always Smart Contract risks associated with Staking in Ethereum Smart Contracts, There have been audits of their code including the AKRO token security Audit by CertiK.

Where can I buy Akropolis Delphi?

If you would like to know where to buy Akropolis Delphi, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Akropolis Delphi stock are currently Gate.io, CoinW, Hoo, AscendEX (Bitmax), and Poloniex. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Who is behind Akropolis?

Ana Adrianova Akropolis was created in 2017 by co-founders Ana Adrianova and Kate Kurbanova. In 2019, the Akropolis team held an initial coin offering in which the team raised $2.4 million in ETH in exchange for its AKRO token.

What is Akropolis token?

The AKRO token is the cryptocurrency used to manage and govern the Akropolis platform. Anyone who owns AKRO can vote on proposals that will update the rules users must follow on the network.

How many Akro coins are there?

4 billion AKRO tokens How Many Akropolis (AKRO) Coins Are There in Circulation? Akropolis has a fixed maximum supply of 4 billion AKRO tokens.

How do you stake the Acropolis?

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What is Adel Crypto?

Adel specializes in technology-driven, community-based projects with an emphasis on blockchain. From financial gaming platforms to blockchain incubators, we strive to improve and empower our end users, by providing unique and progressive ideas, powered by strong and reliable technology. SCROLL DOWN.

Is Akropolis an ERC20 token?

Akropolis (AKRO) ERC20 Token Analytics | Ethereum Mainnet | Bitquery.

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