What is mirrored Apple?

Mirrored Apple (mAAPL) is a synthetic asset tracking the price of an Apple stock. It can be minted on the Mirror Protocol. mAAPL exists as CW20 and ERC20 versions, which can be traded on Terraswap and Uniswap, respectively.

Where can I buy Mir token?

supply of 1,300,000,000 MIR coins. If you would like to know where to buy MIR COIN, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in MIR COIN stock are currently BitForex, Bitglobal, and Flybit. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Where can I buy Mirror protocol coin?

Where to buy Mirror Protocol

Name Deposit methods
Gate.io Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency
Crypto.com App Credit card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, TransferWise, SEPA
Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange Bank transfer (ACH)
Coinbase Digital Currency Exchange Bank transfer (ACH), Debit card, PayPal, Wire transfer, Apple Pay

Is Mir a good investment?

Mirror Protocol (MIR) Cryptocurrency Market info Our Ai cryptocurrency analyst implies that there will be a negative trend in the future and the MIR are not a good investment for making money. Since this virtual currency has a negative outlook we recommend looking for other projects instead to build a portfolio.

How does the mirror app work?

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Can you buy Mir on Coinbase?

MIR COIN is not supported by Coinbase.

What wallet supports Mir?

What products support MIR?

Send/Receive Trading
Wallet ✖️

How many mirror Protocol coins are there?

There are currently 0 MIR in circulation out of a total of 370,575,000 MIR MIR. Mirror Protocol has a limited supply of MIR coins, much like many other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC).

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