What is Polyient games governance token?

It is described that PGT will be the main voting currency for the future Ethereum-based Polyient Games DAO, a decentralized organization that will be tasked with decision making related to the protocols within the ecosystem. There will only ever be 20,000 PGTs available (1 PGT for each PGFK initially minted).

What is PGT Crypto?

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What is a governance token Cryptocurrency?

Governance tokens are tokens that developers create to allow token holders to help shape the future of a protocol. This token allows its holders to vote on decisions pertaining to the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that the decentralized stablecoin DAI runs on.

What is Polyient Dex?

A division of Polyient, Inc., Polyient Games is the first open, chain-agnostic investment ecosystem focused on blockchain gaming. Contact Us.

What is PGFK?

Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFKs) are NFTs, meaning that each PGFK is fully unique as a result of how it is used. Through the combination of unique metadata and transaction history occurring over their individual lifespans, ultimately, no two PGFKs will be the same.

Are crypto governance tokens valuable?

As has been regularly stated by issuers, though, governance tokens have no intrinsic value: they are not utility tokens. Nonetheless, they are highly attractive to many DeFi users, which has supported a steep rise in the price of many of these tokens.

Is Eth a governance token?

The Ethereum Name Service has announced that it will create governance tokens for its members. These tokens will be used with its new DAO, which will have members vote on its treasury and other matters. Governance tokens will not have any market value; ENS names themselves are what carry value for users.

What can you do with governance token?

With these tokens, one can create and vote on governance proposals. By doing so, the user directly influences the direction and characteristics of a protocol. You can change the user interface, how a DEX distributes fees, what dev funds are used for, and all other vital questions.

Are governance tokens utility tokens?

Governance tokens are blockchain tokens that grant voting and management power to their users. You can also use it to vote on patches and updates for existing applications. Think of them as an upgraded version of normal utility tokens.

What is Blockchain governance?

Blockchain governance can be regarded as the integration of norms and culture, the laws and the code, the people and the institutions that facilitate coordination and together determine a given organisation.

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