What is the point of EchoLink?

EchoLink® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming-audio technology. The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio’s communications capabilities.

Can you just listen on EchoLink?

No listen-only access: No “SWL” (listen-only) access is permitted. EchoLink is a two-way system by design, and there is no mechanism to validate listen-only stations.

How do I connect to EchoLink?

* Connect to http://www.echolink.org .

  1. * Select “Current Login” to see who is currently on (just record the node# of the station you want to talk to)
  2. * Select “Link Status” to see what links and repeaters are up in the area of interest.
  3. Connect.
  4. Entering Node Numbers.
  5. Entering Call Signs.

Is EchoLink secure?

Since EchoLink uses the Internet to interconnect Amateur Radio stations, security is vital. EchoLink’s policy is that each user must hold a valid Amateur Radio license in order to be allowed access. Each new user must be validated, and the most critical part of validation is authentication.

Is EchoLink free?

EchoLink is a computer-based Amateur Radio system distributed free of charge that allows radio amateurs to communicate with other amateur radio operators using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology on the Internet for at least part of the path between them.

Who can use EchoLink?

Amateur Radio stations What can I do with EchoLink? EchoLink allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to connect to one another over the Internet. You can use EchoLink to connect your station (or your computer) over the Internet to other amateurs using the same software, and carry on a voice QSO.

Do you call CQ on EchoLink?

There is no way to call CQ using EchoLink, but the network is well suited to QSO’s between hams with an arrangement for when calls are welcome. You can also connect to a repeater, give your call sign, and in the usual way announce that you are monitoring.

What is Ham DMR?

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and is an international standard that has been defined for two-way radios.

What is DStar ham radio?

D-STAR, which stands for ‘Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio’ is an open digital Amateur radio standard that offers users a number of ways to connect with other users globally via a worldwide network of digital amateur radio repeaters.

What is a node on EchoLink?

What is an EchoLink Node? Every station logged into the EchoLink system is considered a node, including RF gateways (also called Sysop nodes), conference servers, and individual users who are running software using a microphone and speakers. Each node on the system must have its own unique callsign.

How do I use EchoLink UK?

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Does EchoLink work on a Mac?

EchoHam allows Amateur Radio operators to use the Echolink network from their iMac. You must be a licensed Amateur Radio operator to use this software. If you are new to the EchoLink system, after running EchoHam for the first time, please go to www.echolink.org/validation to validate your call sign.

How do you test EchoLink?

What’s the easiest way to test and adjust my audio? There is a special “echo” conference server, called *ECHOTEST*, to which you can connect to test your audio. Once connected, the server simply records anything you transmit and plays it back.

What is a repeater node?

Radio modems will be referenced as Repeater Nodes and End Nodes. Both Repeater Nodes and End Nodes can source data, allowing connection to host devices. Because the End Node is out of range of the base radio, a repeater is used to forward information from the Base to the End Node.

What ports need to be open for EchoLink?

Basic Information. EchoLink requires that your router or firewall allow inbound and outbound UDP to ports 5198 and 5199, and outbound TCP to port 5200. If you are using a home-network router, you will also need to configure the router to “forward” UDP ports 5198 and 5199 to the PC on which EchoLink is running.

What is an amateur radio node?

Amateur radio (or ham) operators within radio range of a local node are able to use DTMF tone generators to initiate a node-to-node connection with any other available node in the world. Each node has a unique 4 digit node number in the range of 1000–8999.

What is EchoLink receiver?

The EchoLink Handheld receiver can be used as an additional/ spare receiver with the EchoLink Wireless Television System. The EchoLink Receiver uses Infra Red signals to receive sound from a transmitter. It has an intelligent charging circuit and no batteries are required.

How do I use EchoLink app?

EchoLink for Android is available free of charge from Google Play; tap the Google Play icon on your phone and search for EchoLink. Or, if you have a bar code scanner app on your Android phone, scan the QR code that appears to the right.

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