What is XAYA?

Xaya is a decentralised, permissionless blockchain that is optimised for scalability and fully decentralised games and dapps.

How do you mine XAYA Chi?

How to mine Xaya

  1. Obtain suitable hardware. ✅ Xaya can be efficiently mined with GPUs.
  2. Obtain a wallet address. You’ll need to get a wallet address if you don’t have one already.
  3. Obtain mining software. CCminer is a popular option for mining Xaya with NVIDIA GPUs.
  4. Configure mining software.
  5. Start mining today!

What is the price of CHI?

1 CHI = 0.3673 USD.

How can I buy Chia coins?

How to buy Chia

  1. Open an account on an exchange that supports XCH. Jump to our table to compare popular options — just remember that most exchanges require an email address, phone number and proof of ID to register.
  2. Deposit funds into your account.
  3. Buy Chia.

What is HDD mining?

HDD Mining, also known as “storage mining”, is the process of obtaining encrypted currency based on hard disk storage. Unlike traditional mining based on graphics processing units (also known as GPU mining), hard disk miners use hard disks to generate new data blocks in the distributed ledger and receive rewards.

What is Chi cryptocurrency?

CHI is the native cryptocurrency of the XAYA blockchain. It uses triple-purpose mining (PoW) for consensus. The total supply is 77.3 million CHI with about 49 million in circulation. Transactions and on-chain game moves are powered by CHI mining fees.

What is chai Crypto?

Chai is an ERC20 token that earns token holders interest on Dai without needing to lock it in the Dai Savings Contract. Dai is converted to Chai, and the Chai balance remains constant, while the Dai value grows with the Dai Savings Rate (DSR).

Where can I buy XAYA?

If you would like to know where to buy Xaya, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Xaya stock are currently PancakeSwap (V2), Uniswap (V2), CoinEx, ProBit Global, and Honeyswap.

How do I get a Chi token?

How to get the Chi gastoken?

  1. go to 1inch.
  2. select the ETH(WETH)/CHI token pair and the amount in the dropdown window.
  3. deactivate all the DEXes apart from CHI Minter (100%)
  4. confirm the transaction from your Web3 Wallet.
  5. do the swap.

How does Chi token work?

How does it work? Chi takes advantage of a mechanism that refunds gas when storage space is freed on the Ethereum virtual machine. In the case of gas tokens, burning them destroys dummy “sub-smart contracts” that were created when the tokens were minted, which the team says is more efficient than erasing data directly.

Is Chia coin dead?

0:00 2:44

Can US citizens use gate io?

USA/Canadian/Japanese users are supported on gate.io now. But your use of gate.io services are limited. You may not be able to access services such as lending, margin trading , perpetual contract trading and the trade of some coins.2 days ago

How long does it take to mine 1 Chia coin?

How much time? Early on, with the plotting software from the Chia devs, it would take about six or seven hours per standard k=32 plot (twice as long at k=33), with a very fast Optane 905P SSD, though it’s possible to do multiple plots at once with the right hardware.

Is HDD mining profitable?

Profitability from hard drives mining Every 3 TB of free space on the HDD will bring about $9-10 per month. It’s simply impossible to talk about some kind of extra-profitability with such numbers unless you got a bunch of hard drives for free.

What is Chia mining used for?

The Proof of Stake and Time algorithm uses unused storage space for so-called “farming” that can be compared to Bitcoin mining. To farm the coin, the software writes a “plot” – a large set of cryptographic data – on the disk. Every 18 seconds, the Chia network broadcasts a challenge.

Is mining Chia profitable?

But realistically, no one farms a single Chia plot expecting to earn a profit. A more reasonable minimum size for a Chia farm is 10 terabytes. A single 10 terabyte drive holds 91 plots, which means it would earn about $20.02 per month mining in a pool at today’s prices.

What is Crypto Chai worth?

CHAI Price and Market Stats

CHAI Price $1.22
Market Cap $1,066,507
Market Cap Dominance 0.00%
Trading Volume $0.00
Volume / Market Cap 0.0

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