Will THORChain be listed on Coinbase?

THORChain is not supported by Coinbase.

What is THORChain cryptocurrency?

THORChain is an independent blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK that will serve as a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). It uses an AMM model to facilitate cryptoasset swaps an independent cryptonetwork that aims to enable the exchange of assets across disparate blockchain networks in a non-custodial manner.

Is THORChain a private cryptocurrency?

THORChain enables yield on native bitcoin. this is transparent, non-custodial, private, borderless, immutable yield.

Is THORChain a BEP20?

There is no BEP20 RUNE in existence. You can only buy Native RUNE, BEP2 RUNE or ERC20 RUNE from the market. Only native RUNE is used in the THORChain Protocol.

What chains does THORChain support?

Currently, THORChain supports the following assets: RUNE itself, as well as the Ethereum version of it (ERC20-RUNE). BNB, Binance Chain’s main token. On this chain, THORChain also features BUSD (a stablecoin), AVA, BTCB (wrapped Bitcoin), and TWT.

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